Our Art/Science parties at the weekend cost £15 per child with a minimum booking of 8 children. 

Times Available:     11am-1pm or 3pm-5pm
Parties booked weekdays after school are from 4-6pm

In both cases Party guests have a go at 2 activities and take their creations home afterwards.

Top Science Experiments:

Super Slime: choose from

glow in the dark, 

colour change, 

fluffy, crunchy, 



or jelly Slime
Fizzy Sherbet
Bath bombs/fizzers

Volcanoes (these can’t be taken home after they have erupted)

Super or sinister suds ( make your own spooky or stylish soap)

Top Art Activities:
Squishies: decorate your own 



or cake shaped squishies. 

Super Sand Art pictures

Magic clay giant key rings
Magic clay money boxes
Make your own Whizzy wind- up toy Tee-shirt decor, or tote bag decor 

3d Paper Mache characters

Please note on some activities we need 2 weeks’ notice to order in or make up the blanks to be decorated. On all parties we need 24hrs notice of additional guests so we can prepare ingredients and materials in advance.

Snacks/ Party Food:
Please confirm if you are bringing your own snacks or if you wish for Artpod to

provide Snack boxes

We can provide picnic/ snack boxes:

1) Mezze: Pitta, humus, olives, veg sticks & Juice carton
2) Snack: Sandwich (ham or cheese) Crisps, seasonal fruit ( apple, pear or orange) & Juice carton
3) Afternoon tea: Mini Sandwich, Mini Scone (jam and cream) & Juice carton.

For pudding we have our award winning Swirl frozen yogurt, sorbet or ice-cream. The kids get to swirl their own pudding with our unique one shot machine
Mango and passion fruit or Mixed Berry Frozen yogurt
Blackcurrant Sorbet or Vanilla ice-cream ( Think Mr Whippy but nicer)

With pudding all boxes are £5 pp  Without Pudding all boxes are £3 pp

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